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SEO Singapore – An Example in Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something that many people want to learn more about and we hope that the tips we provide can help you to discover this for yourself. On this site you’ll find information that ranges from A-Z  about SEO, starting off with how to find a good company to understanding  what to look for from providers of SEO.

These days search engine optimization is becoming more and more localized, which means it makes sense to go with a local company when choosing your SEO options. Assuming that you are unable to manage your own SEO, choosing a good service is vital. One false move on behalf of your SEO company could cause a major set-back in rankings.

Finding A Good SEO Company.

Let’s use Singapore as an example. If I wanted to find somebody to handle my SEO, the first thing I would do is type “SEO Singapore” into Google and see who pops up. If it looks like an SEO Singapore based company, I would then move on to checking out their company.

Why Use A Local Company

Let’s say our hypothetical company (We will call them “SEO Singapore”) were hired to get us ranking in Singapore. They would have the following advantages over a company based out of say, New York.

1. They would have a large network of local directories, blogs, news sites and so on, which would help them to get your sites listed and noticed locally. The Search Engines would notice this too.

2. They would have a good understanding of the local market, what the demographic was like, what sort of content was likely to get your site shared, re-shared, and recommended on Google Places and similar local sites.

3. They would most likely have been used for Singapore-based SEO in the past, probably numerous times, and would therefore have some insight into your competition.

4. If you too were living in Singapore, you would be able to hop down to SEO Singapore HQ at any time and discuss progress/plans/campaigns and other important issues with them in person.

5. It just makes sense to choose local experts.

What Other Things Should You Look For?

As well as locality, you will definitely want to check the portfolio of the site. If they have a long list of reputable testimonials, previous satisfied clients, even live working example sites that their SEO has helped rank, then you could well be onto a winner.

In this case, I would hope that there were at least 3 or 4 different sites ranking on the first pages of search engines for Singapore related search terms and that those sites were the top 1-3 sites for their niche in that local area.

For example, if one of their clients was ranking for “Go Sailing In Singapore” but was only the 6th or 7th best site for that search time, and was not considered an authority by the search engines, I might want to look at other SEO options.

In the end, choosing the best company for your SEO management comes down to individual requirements. You should definitely look for a local one, especially if your business is localized, and you should look for a proven company. Budgetary requirements may limit you of course, but if you follow the above tips you will go a long way to finding a great company to assist you.